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Research started at The wiki book \"how to start a wiki\" - includes a list of free wiki hosts.


The words "Evaluation" and "Evaluated" refer to assessing a wiki host based on the information publicly available from that host, without signing up for an account.

The word "tried" means signing up for an account to try out the features available.


The two I'm trying out in detail at the moment are PeanutButterWiki and Schtuff.com - see a direct comparison of the two on the PbwikiSchtuffComparison page.



  • http://atwiki.com
  • Looks rather crude.
  • Wikis have a URL of www1.atwiki.com/yourwikiname/ .
  • Completely free (no paid-hosting options).
  • Was apparently set up in Feb 2005 and is still under development.
  • In English and Japanese, with Chinese to be added soon apparently. Not much documentation in English. I suspect Japanese is the primary language.
  • Doesn't seem to auto-hyperlink or support WikiWords.
  • Page filenames seem to be numbers, rather than being named after the title.
  • WYSIWYG and wiki-markup editing supported.
  • Three levels of editor - HTML code, low-spec (WYSIWYG with limited formatting options) and hi-spec (WYSIWYG with more formatting options, but slow to respond.
  • Has a serious bug whereby some of the spaces between words disappear when you edit a page.
  • See the page I created on their test wiki whilst investigating.
  • Advert free.



  • http://www.bluwiki.org/
  • A free open wiki hosted by a private company, but there is no option to create your own wiki, just pages within the overall wiki.
  • No access control options - all pages can be viewed and edited by everyone.
  • Uses the MediaWiki engine, as used by Wikipedia - this provides a nice look and feel and seems more sophisticated than either JotSpot or AtWiki, although I haven't actually tried using the edit facility yet. I looked at it, and it looks like an enhanced wiki-markup editor rather than a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Fails w3c markup validation because it claims to be XHTML 1.0 transitional but includes unclosed BR tags, unquoted attribute values (not well-formed) and at least one depracated tag (FONT).



  • http://www.jotspot.com
  • Commercial wiki host with a free package.
  • Wikis have a URL of yourwikiname.jot.com
  • WYSIWYG editing.
  • Fine grained access control.
    • Ability to create multiple users
    • View and edit permissions can be set for individual pages.
  • Ability to send e-mail to a page in the wiki, which becomes a child page of the original page.
  • Ability to submit comments to pages in the wiki, which then become child pages of the original page.
  • List management capability, where every item in the list becomes a wiki page, editable via a combination of a custom form and the WYSIWYG editor for free-text remarks.
  • Some pre-built list management applications
  • Apparently applications can be customised - I haven't tried doing this.
  • Other applications available, such as calendar, blog and forum, integrated within your wiki.
  • Free package only allows 20 pages, which severely limits its use, especially the list-management applications, blog, forum, comments etc.
  • Provides a dashboard where you can monitor the number of pages in your wiki, but doesn't clearly identify exactly what pages count towards your quota.
  • Probably aimed at businesses rather than home users or non-profit groups.
  • Downloadable date-stamped zip file backups.
  • See my JotSpot wiki.
  • See the list of issues with JotSpot which I compiled whilst building that wiki (I think now that my expectations of wiki were slightly too high)





  • http://pbwiki.com/
  • Seems to be in active development as of October 2005.
  • 1mb of space and 3 pre-defined styles with free package (100MB and 6 pre-defined styles with paid-for package).
  • CSS editing available only in the paid-for package.
  • Free version has Google text adverts which appear to be based on words in the wiki pages.
  • Wikis can be public or private to view, but editing requires a password, of which there is only one per wiki, which must be shared between any people who need to update it.
  • Domain name is yourwikiname.pbwiki.com.
  • Wikis can only be deleted on e-mail request to their support team.
  • Downloadable zip file backups (all called backup.zip though).
  • Wiki-markup only, no WYSIWYG editor.
  • Can insert an automatic table of contents into pages.
  • Guide to editing WikiStyle / wiki-markup provided.
  • Files & pictures can be uploaded 5 at a time.
  • Supports WikiWords and automatic hyperlinking of URLs.
  • Fails W3C validation because the validator claims it can't find a DOCTYPE (there seems to be one in the HTML source though, claiming XHTML 1.0 Strict).
  • See the wiki I've created there.



  • http://www.riters.com/
  • Claim to be an entirely free wiki farm service.
  • The list of free hosts in the WikiBooks article says that access control is only available via manual intervention by the web site administrators.
  • Haven't tried them yet.



  • http://www.schtuff.com/
  • Free account, with 3 .schtuff.com subdomains, 200MB of space in each one.
  • Access control seems quite detailed, with the ability to create roles and determine which roles can do what, and the ability to add / remove users from roles (role- or group-based security).
  • Uploaded images are placed in a gallery which is somehow available to all pages in that wiki (or "space", as they call it).
  • Supports tagging - something I ought to learn about.
  • Indexes your wiki for searching.
  • Full list of features.
  • See the list of things they say a Schtuff space can be used for.
  • 7 pre-defined styles to choose from. Apparently no direct CSS editing.
  • Downloadable datestamped zip file backups.
  • Markup editing only - no WYSIWYG editor, although markup editor includes a markup guide, preview pane and spellchecker.
    • Markup language is different to that used by PeanutButterWiki
    • No table facility (must be done in normal HTML).
    • Can be difficult to include links to places within a page.
    • No automatic table of contents
    • Doesn't support WikiWords
  • Comments can be added to pages.
  • See the test page I created in their sandbox.
  • Each page has a "permissions" link showing what you can do with that page (view, edit, add comments etc).
  • Subscribe to RSS or e-mail updates
  • See Simons journey into wiki, my first schtuff space
  • Blog facility (actually a cunning use of a saved search and tags)
  • See the Camelot Schtuff space which includes a summary of the pros and cons of Schtuff, a wiki-markup guide, a list of Schtuff spaces, and some amusing links.







  • http://wikihost.org/
  • Uses GeboGebo engine.
  • Wiki address is www.wikihost.org/yourwikiname initially, changing to yourwikiname.wikihost.org once it has 30 or more pages.
  • Hosted by a German company, wikis in English and German.
  • Evaluated, but not tried yet.



  • http://www.wikispaces.com/
  • Wiki address is yourwikiname.wikispaces.com/
  • Uses a home-grown wiki engine. There are pages for feature requests, bugs and changes
  • Create as many free wikispaces as you want.
  • Supported by Google adverts.
  • Ability to post comments on pages - this facility can also be used as a forum
  • Comments can only be deleted on e-mail request to administrators at the moment.
  • Pages can only be deleted or renamed on e-mail request to administrators at the moment.
  • Wikispaces can only be deleted on e-mail request to administrators at the moment.
  • Active support forum at http://www.wikispaces.com/message/ - helpful in being able to review them so thoroughly!
  • Markup language used is wikitext, which is completely different to the WikiStyle used by PeanutButterWiki.
  • Choice of WYSIWYG editor or markup
  • WYSIWYG editor may be rather buggy - see discussions one and two
  • Member photos encouraged
  • Access control:
    • space privacy options:
      • public - anyone can view, edit
      • protected - anyone can view, only space members can edit
      • private - only space members can edit and view ($5/month or $50/year)
    • spaces are optionally ad-free ($5/month or $50/year)
    • you may now join spaces as a member or organizer
      • members see their spaces listed on the front page
      • organizers can control space settings
  • Not tried yet





  • http://memebot.com/
  • Seems more like a regular web host than a wiki host, although a wiki is offered as well.
  • Up to 30MB of space and 100MB per month of bandwidth for free.




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